Who we are

We are a Building Company (Camelot Builders Inc.) with over a decade working here in the Hamptons and NYC. Owner, Jason Carey, after finishing his apprenticeship in New Zealand has been building both Residential/Commercial in New Zealand, Europe (France & Switzerland) & the US, since 1990, Jason is also a Cuisine Professional who designs and builds restaurants and kitchens.

Having built on different continents with a variety of building methods, it has become very clear to us that customers really want structures that last longer than traditional stick and block homes do. Why build a home that will need to be torn down or renovated on average twice in 80 years, when you can build for generations to come?
ICF Construction is designed to withstand Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Insects and Temperature Changes, ICF’s will usually lower your clients energy bills by around 50%.

Compared to other forms of construction ICF’s out performs all:
Wood: No Comparison, Imagine after the first few months in your new house finding cracks everywhere because framing was wet and house has settled, this is non existent with ICF.
Steel and infill Block: Steel is usually rusted by the time the structure is enclosed and your clients see this, Block is slow and you still have to frame, insulate and sheetrock afterwards where as these steps are eliminated with ICF and you’ve saved months of construction.
Hampton’s ICF is aimed at providing Basements & Whole Home Structure Services to Builders & Architects in our region.

Camelot Builders has founded Hamptons ICF, a company that uses technically advanced products that fulfills all of the demands clients have today, it speaks for itself.