A better question would be, “Why would you consider building with anything else?”

Here are a few of the best reasons to build with ICFs:

  • Comfort – Nothing blows through reinforced concrete.  There will be absolutely no drafts or cold spots. Because of the tremendous thermal mass of the exterior wall envelope, temperature peaks are smoothed, and therefore homes are noticeably warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Your outside noises are eliminated, is your future building site near train tracks, airports, highways or recreational vehicle trails?  Maybe you simply do not wish to hear the neighbor mowing his lawn.
  • Safety & Health – There are no CFCs, HCFCs, or formaldehyde, and also no wood to rot or mold.  They have a four-hour fire rating and are termite and pest resistant. But most importantly, these structures can withstand a severe storm hit (up and over 250+ mph winds). Flooding is also considered an unstoppable force of nature, but with an ICF structure you’ll have the option of moving your belongings to upper floors and then literally just let the waters flow in and then out the other side - all you need are some fans to dry off the walls after and it will be as if it has never happened as we use a fire proof ceramic stucco/plaster in place of sheetrock thus no paper to get moldy. Air quality is much higher as no infiltration allows you to control the air that enters your home.
  • Flexibility in Design – Reinforced concrete has tremendous proven design capabilities. ICF wall systems can support concrete floor and roofing systems, huge cantilevers and give you and your architect the ultimate in innovative freeform design. Whether you wish to build modern (edgy or round design), or a more traditional look, this will free your hands to let your imagination bring your dream structure to life. The restrictions on open floor plans will be greatly reduced, since the concrete and rebar will allow much bigger open spans (30-40’). The final look of your home or business will be up to you; there is the option of stucco, shingles and basically any other finish you can think of. Concrete strengths nearly double (3500psi-6500/7000psi) due to perfect curing temperatures and water content, wooden forms don’t have this ability.
  • Energy Efficiency – Homes built with ICF exterior walls require an estimated 44%+ less energy to heat and 32%+ less energy to cool than comparable frame houses.  Consequently, your HVAC systems can be downsized.  Since floor systems are hung on the inside of the wall or poured integrally with radiant flooring, real energy savings come when you design above-grade, thereby eliminating a huge heat loss area in conventional housing. If Green Building and living is of any importance to you, why then would you have trees cut down to frame your house? It doesn’t make any sense.
  • Time Efficiency - why waste your time waiting for your project to move along? With ICF you will be amazed at what speed it can be erected - and finished. Because of the insulating factor of the forms concrete can be poured in freezing conditions without admixes that can adversely effect the strength of your concrete. Because the system is so straight forward and simple, your home or business can be standing within weeks, instead of months.

Insurers like the ICF system - are you living in a flood are Hurricane zone? Worried about Tornadoes, Earthquakes or Wild Fires? If so, the ICF system can give you some peace of mind and maybe an easier and cheaper time getting your home or business insured.

Bottom line is, you can always build a new structure, what’s most important are the ones who live in them - keep them safe!